Want to use Bricksbuilder to create your website first? To help you build your dream website even faster, we created a ton of pre-made bricks builder templates.

Responsive Bricks Templates Pack

How BricksTemplate Helps You?

Stunning templates that are suitable for use on any project. Using these block templates will speed up the creation of your website.

Fast & easy to use 

Enjoy lightning-fast workflows that are extremely simple to use on any Bricks website build.

Build any website

With our pre-made blocks and layouts, you can simply create any type of website.

Save a lot of time

You might save a ton of time and effort by using our layouts in BricksTemplate. ​​

Amazing and unique layouts that catch visitors' eyes

Show off your incredible team member in style.

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We have all types of bricks builder templates for you.

Brickstemplate has a wide range of fantastic header, footer, features, team, blog, portfolio, testimonials, pricing, call to action, counter, contacts us, single post and others WordPress bricks templates. With this, you can quickly create an eye-catching website.

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MentorFrame has 250+ blocks and layouts that save you lots of time by recreating them.​​
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Friendly Ask Questions

What is Bricksbulider?

Bricks is a premium WordPress theme that enables you to quickly and confidently visually design feature-packed WordPress sites.

What is Brickstemplate?

BricksTemplate is a collection of web amazing web layouts and templates for bricksbuilder. It helps you to build your site easily

Is Brickstemplate a LIfetime Deal?

Yes, you only have to pay once and you can use it forever. There aren’t any extra monthly costs. This pricing includes all upcoming updates. With this purchase, you will receive remote template site accesses for your website.

What is remote template access?

Remote templates is another unique Bricksbuilder feature that lets you browse and insert our templates from your site easily. You don’t need to import the JSON file manually. Also when we realised any new layouts you can see that on your remote templates tab.

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Buy BricksTemplate Now And Save $40

MentorFrame has 250+ blocks and layouts that save you lots of time by recreating them.​​
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